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LEARNING TO FLY, CHAPTER 23 – YOUNG ADULT NOVEL:  (Work in Progress) Nothing in the early lives of inseparable friends Nik and Kev has prepared them for how puberty changes their relationship, or how Nik’s success in finally solving the mystery of her family’s past will forever alter her and Kev’s futures.  Certainly neither could imagine how the existence of the two of them might affect the future of everyone on three planets.

My first attempt, which is now in its third draft.  I was fortunate to be able to submit the first draft to William Gray, a former writer and editor for National Geographic, for editing.  Will is retired, but can’t resist teaching a few writing classes at Fort Lewis College in Durango.  It was only after his favorable comments that I felt pursuing writing was worth additional effort.  Five years later, and nothing will stop me.  Thank you, William!


Charge of Terry's Rangers

Charge of Terry’s Rangers

HERE WE STAND, CHAPTER 1 – NOVEL:   (Work in Progress) Few experiences from his wealthy childhood prepare Adrien Villere for life as a cavalryman with Terry’s Texas Rangers during the nation’s Civil War. Far from providing an escape from what he flees back in Washington County, Texas, the war brings him face-to-face with a long-kept secret of his father’s which, if revealed, would change the lives of everyone in his family. This new knowledge, combined with his own concealed enigma, causes him to question not only his place with his fellow Rangers, but his entire existence.

Historical photos for Here We Stand can be found at: Pinterest


UNDER THE INFLUENCE – SHORT STORY:  Little does Devlan know that the story he is writing for Halloween will prove to be much less frightening and exciting than what is about to happen to him in the real world.

Sexual innuendo and strong language.


PLANES AND CHOCOLATE – YOUNG ADULT SHORT STORY:  A story about the love/hate relationship between siblings.

This is a chapter removed from my young adult story, Learning to Fly, as the novel had become much too long.


SAM MUSIC, VAMPIRE IN LOVE, CHAPTER – NOVELETTE:  (Work in Progress) Sam runs from the arms of one female vamp into the arms of another.  This one is different, only he can’t quite put his fang on why.  Can she save them both from the wrath of their Seniors?


Sexual innuendo and strong language.







2 thoughts on “My Writing

  1. Hi – I met you at the book festival. In fact, I sat next to you at the last session on Saturday – my name is Marty.. You mentioned that you were a professional editor. I am in the process of writing a story that is being edited by my spouse and am in the middle of rewrite over and over again. I’d like to send you an outline. However, I don’t know anything about facebook, twitter or blogging, I am just using my computer to write and look at my e-mail once in a while.

    • Hi Marty. A true beginner. I was there not that long ago, and you are starting on a wonderful, if sometimes trying, new adventure. Whatever happens, do not let yourself be stopped by all you are about to be faced with. If you look at the whole thing,it may seem daunting, but always remember you only need to accomplish one step at a time—and keep on writing. Plus, there are lots of people out here ready and willing to help. That’s the best thing about being a writer. Writing is one of the few fields where everyone helps everyone else, rather than competes. It’s marvelous! Send me an e-mail, and let’s talk more:

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